Beverage Education: Trinity Oaks

Trinity Oaks

As you already know, Garvey Wholesale Beverage took steps towards being more environmentally-friendly earlier last year by installing solar panels in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. To bring more attention to this effort, we want to bring your attention to another company whose campaign has transformed the way they do their business: Trinity Oaks.

Committing themselves to helping the environment, they have expanded their environmentally responsible efforts to the very wines they sell. Their process of producing wine includes strictly prohibiting any use of hazardous chemicals to control pests, utilizing the grape skins by putting them back into the soil of their vineyards, and bottling their wines in bottles that are made from 50% recycled glass.

So though you’ve surely heard their name, what’s also important to note is the progress they’ve made in staying true to their commitment of planting one tree for every bottle of wine they sell, with no set limit for the number of trees they will plant. Since July 1, 2008, Trinity Oaks has planted over 15 million trees. Additionally, their partnership with Trees for the Future helps “provide an education to students, and communities” about environmental studies in the United States.

With Earth Day just a couple days away, stop by Garvey and pick up a few bottles of Trinity Oaks wine to do your part in helping the environment. If you have any questions about Trinity Oaks, our wine selection, or Garvey’s progress in being more green, give us a call!

Trinity Oaks Anatomy

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