Beverage Education: Craft Beer

Craft Beer

It’s no secret that people love beer. It’s even less of a secret that people love their beer even more around St. Patrick’s Day. This year though, Garvey wants to share some information with you about the latest product that seems to becoming more and more popular in the beer industry: craft beer!

Unlike other industry trends, craft beer is being known as the latest essential for most bars and clubs. For those of you who don’t know, craft beer is beer that is locally brewed and is done so in small batches, producing less than 6 million barrels a year, as opposed to being brewed in mass quantities. They’re brewed by independent, traditional breweries instead of the more popular, domestic beer manufactures.

For a few years now, craft beer has been increasing its presence in the beer market, currently earning 25% of beer market revenues, while only producing 10% of the total volume. Its most popular demographic being Millennials and Generation X.

To ensure that you’re not tricked by domestic beer industries into just buying craft-like beers, check out this infographic by Brookston Beer Bulletin.

If you’re interested in purchasing some craft beer for your business or just interested on the kinds of craft beer we carry, call or visit us sometime soon. Our sales people can help you stock up right before St. Patrick’s Day (which, as true Irish Luck would have it, happens to fall right in the middle of Generation X and Millennials’ spring break!).

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