Beverage Education: Game Day Drinks

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With the big game just around the corner, many of us are feeling the pressure to entertain our friends, family, and customers with the tastiest (and, let’s be honest, simplest) drinks possible. While having your favorite and most popular beer handy is a given, make sure you’re not caught without the most popular Sunday drink around: Bloody Marys!

Described as the “third most popular drink in the United States” by the New York Times (right after margaritas and vodka tonics), Bloody Mary Mixes are said to have a 12% share of the market, dominating other common drinks. Nowadays, with mixes easily available, it’s even easier to concoct this drink at your own business. Instead of crafting Bloody Marys from scratch, you can just purchase and pour the mix of your choice, add vodka and ice and be done!

So don’t be the odd man out on game day! Come and grab your game day essentials, or order them online on our website.

And because it’s too good not to share, check out this list of the craziest Bloody Marys our friends at BuzzFeed have seen.

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