Beverage Education: Wine by the Glass Programs

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For those unfamiliar to the behind-the-scenes of our favorite drinks, whether you are a customer or a new businessperson seeking to run a restaurant or any other business, the information, news updates, and facts alone can be daunting- and that’s without factoring in the finances and legalities!

So we’re here to make it easy for you. Today’s Beverage Education topic: Wine by the Glass program.

A wine by the glass program is a program strictly for On Premise accounts that allows you to make a greater profit margin. The concept is that one bottle of wine costs around $4.00 each and is sold for $5 per glass. With 4 servings in a bottle, that returns $20 from a $4 bottle, or an 80% margin. These wines will go on your restaurant or bar’s permanent wine list and will become staples in your business.

The great advantage of this program is that it is incredibly low stakes. If you sell just one glass of wine and the rest of the bottle goes bad, you would have already broken even on the first glass of wine sold. You may even make a lean profit depending on the cost of the bottle and your sell back rate.

If you’re interested in a low stakes way of achieving a greater profit margin or have any further questions about how to start your own wine by the glass program, don’t hesitate to call your Garvey Wholesale sales consultant for information!

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