Chinese New Year – Year of the Fire Monkey

Chinese New Year BannerWelcome to 2016, friends! While some of us only celebrate the new year over the course of 24 hours, we at Garvey are celebrating well into the month. Our reason for that being the celebration of Chinese New Year! For those of you also celebrating, we wanted to keep you up to speed on the traditions that accompany the festivities. Traditionally, Chinese New Year is a series of festivities that last 15 days, this year, beginning February 8th. In China, festivals are thrown throughout this time with the hope of bringing families together. During these times, families and friends gift one another presents that are symbolic of good will for the new year. One of those things being our specialty: alcohol! Alcohol, like yellow wines, fruit wines, and rum, are popular gifts given during the festivities, especially between in-laws and elders.

If you’re looking to gift throughout the Chinese New Year, or for any other occasion, take a look at a few of our latest favorites:

  • REMY Martin – a fruit champagne ideal for sharing with loved ones.
  • Courvoisier – a cognac made with one of Chinese New Year’s most popular fruit: grapes!
  • Johnnie Walker Blue – a beautifully displayed set perfect for gifting
  • Martinelli’s – an essential for those who enjoy the classic cider

For more information about Chinese New Year and appropriate gifts, as well as drinking customs and games, check out the Travel China Guide.

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