Frank Sinatra

It’s official! December has finally arrived!

With Thanksgiving just behind us, I’m sure most of us are still turkey-lagged from cleaning up that Thanksgiving mess and entertaining our in-laws over the weekend with those extravagant holiday drinks. So your trusty friends at Garvey have just the thing to perk you right up and get you in just the right amount of holiday spirit before Christmas is upon us. (Pst! Missed out on those yummy fall recipes? Catch them here! It’s never too late to try them out.)

Instead of showing you snazzy holiday concoctions, we’d like to introduce you to an old holiday classic, in honor of just entering the legend’s birth month: Jack Daniel’s Frank Sinatra Select!

Sinatra Select was crafted after the legend, himself a known fan of Jack Daniel’s, and is perfect for those of you who just aren’t feeling the festive holiday drinks but aren’t exactly a holiday scrooge. Interested? You can pick up a bottle right here at Garvey Wholesale Beverage! We also have gift sets of Jack Daniel’s and your other favorite brands for those of you who actually are into the festivities but need a gift for someone who might be just a little too cool to go all in. And not to brag but if you’re heading to your office holiday party and need something to impress your more traditional boss? What better to take than Sinatra Select, double threat classic?

Looking to feel like the legend himself? Pour yourself a drink of Jack Daniels just the way Ol’ Blue Eyes did. To find out how, check out our good friends at Jack Daniel’s website. (Just a heads up, you’ll be needing one of these.)

Hopefully you enjoy this specialty just as much as we do!

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