Garvey Goes Green!

Garvey's Gone GreenIt’s no secret that we’ve all been feeling the heat this past week with another one of California’s heat waves following us well into the fall. However, while other businesses are allotting more of their budget on keeping cool, at Garvey Wholesale Beverage, we’ve been saving in a way that only helps you. Here at Garvey Wholesale Beverage, we’ve gone solar! After learning about the many benefits that going solar brings, like reducing our carbon footprint, saving on the cost of energy, and helping make Rosemead a more eco-friendly place to be, there was no debate about starting the solar panel installation process. If you want to get in on becoming more environmentally friendly but don’t know where to start, have a drink! Companies themselves are taking steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly by buying locally, reducing the amount of gas and energy used to transport their materials, and turning their waste into energy. Here at Garvey Wholesale Beverage, we can provide our own assortment of drinks that are now eco-friendly, including, but not limited to, Maker’s Mark, Samuel Adams, and Jack Daniels! That’s right, you can still enjoy yourself with a bottle of Jack Daniels while staying environmentally-conscious.

If you’re looking for a little more variety, check out the Ecoist’s recipes for eco-friendly drinks.

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